"The Golden Trail" program

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The program for the current APASSIONATA tour "The Golden Trail" is a must-have for every fan!


"The Golden Trail" program

The program for the current APASSIONATA tour "The Golden Trail" is THE essential souvenir! 20 pages are devoted to pure show experience ... Immerse yourself in the individual scenes. Huge, cristal clear photos from different perspectives - you can even perceive tiny details, from small prop to the tail hair.

Moreover, there is a lot of background information about the show: Meet the characters of the story surrounding the young hero Pierre and see which creative minds are working behind APASSIONATA scenes. On several extra pages you can read how freedom dressage artist Bartolo Messina lives with his colorful herd of horses or what is known as the "intermediate stable". Also APASSIONATAs charity association "We care" is presented. You will not get enough of this booklet!

The particularly large chosen format and quality printed with relief and painting sets the 48-page APASSIONATA program "The Golden Trail" in the light. The lovely design and many gorgeous pictures make it equal to a photo album and a special reference book for the whole family!

Language: English